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The Iranian Carbonate Network “ICN”

Reservoir Characterization and Modelling
Interested in Iranian and Middle East Carbonates

It has been almost 100 years since the first oil well was drilled in Iran. Most of the oil and gas reservoirs are hosted in carbonates in Iran similar to Middle East. Lack of a community in Iranian and Middle East carbonates is obvious over the long period of oil production in Iran and Middle East.

The goal of this website Iranian Carbonate Network (ICN) is to make a bridge between students, young professionals and experts in carbonate reservoir characterization and modelling in Iran and worldwide, experts who have had activities in Iran as well as the people who are interested in the carbonate reservoirs of Iran and Middle East. This will be a great opportunity where everybody can share their knowledge within many different topics. The students can get advices to improve their education and thesis, the young professionals can get more experience and the experts can update themselves. The website “ICN” will give information about scientific materials, news, events and new publications in reservoir characterization and modelling of carbonates. The target of this website is to make an integrated site, with different data sources “depositional models, diagenesis, seismic, petrophysics, reservoir engineering and production” in order to evaluate the reservoir, to define flow units, and to construct geological and reservoir models.

I always look forward to receiving any information, comments and advise from you which can be useful for the members and for the website!

Ali A. Taghavi, PhD
Reservoir Characterization and Modelling, Carbonates


22/05/2008 The images page has been updated by adding interesting nodules in Sachun Formation, Iran.
25/03/2008 Iranian Students Website at NTNU, Trondheim, Norway: Useful information in this website can be found for the students and for the peoples intersted to live in Trondheim, Norway.
08/03/2008 RIPI "Research Institute of Petroleum Industry" the main research center in National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) presented the activities in the stand in Geo2008 in Bahrain.
08/03/2008 Some photos from Sarvak Formation "progradational pattern and incision" has been added to the images in miscellaneous page.
12/01/2008 The earthworks-jobs web site gives information and announcements for opportunities in job, PhD and Post doc positions in different disciplines. You can choose your interest from the list.
12/01/2008 An interesting website for sequence stratigraphy and downloadable papers and presentations.
25/12/2007 An interesting website for Periodic Table of Elements.
01/12/2007 Geo2008 will be held on 3-5 March, 2008 in Bahrain. Many materials on carbonates in Iran and Middle East will be presented during the conference.
01/12/2007 Schematic forms and symbols of integrating geological and log data can be found in the following website:
01/12/2007 This network as "iranian carbonate network" has been mainly inspired from Carbonate Network which has been started since 2004.

Contact: Ali A. Taghavi

Last Update: 23 May 2008